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e-Commerce Whitepapers and Expert Guides

Guide: SaaS vs Open Source
Guide: Your e-Commerce Project Plan
Meet the requirements of your e-Commerce project thanks to a functional project plan.
Centralising your e-Commerce needs is the guarantee of a successful e-Commerce project!
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Other guides
Succeeding in e-Commerce
14 simple tips to succeed in e-Commerce
12 Best practices for successful Google Ads Campaigns
SaaS or Open source: 12 criteria for making the right choice

You want to create a website or improve your e-Commerce performance?

You have come to the right place!
White papers, practical guides, computer graphics, calendars... Access a complete range of content to progress in e-Commerce. You can count on the advice of Oxatis partners (Google / Skeelbox / ABTasty / Target2Sell...) and our 270 experts who successfully support more than 10 000 e-merchants in Europe.
Guide: Succeeding in e-Commerce

Guide: SaaS or Open Source

If you want to migrate or create your website but you do not know which technology to adopt… Find out how to make the right choice through 12 determining criteria: installation, hosting, updates, availability, security…
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"By migrating to Oxatis' SaaS platform we have been able to double our business without doubling our admin time at all!"
Livre Blanc e-Commerce BtoB
Managing Director, Hantex Ltd
Guide: Succeeding in e-Commerce

Guide: Succeeding in e-Commerce

Oxatis conducted a survey of 2,000 e-merchants to bring you the benchmarks of e-Commerce performance across all industries, to identify the drivers of your online growth.
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"By selling on both B2B and B2B markets, we generate more than 550,000 euros in online sales per year!"
Livre Blanc e-Commerce BtoB
Manager, Direct-Siège
Whitepaper: 14 simple tips for success in e-Commerce

Whitepaper: 14 simple tips for success in e-Commerce

10 minutes to evaluate your skill level and apply these simple steps! 14 concrete tips for e-Commerce success...
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"Our average shopping cart increased by nearly 10% in one year thanks to the implementation of our exceptional promotions directly highlighted on the carousel of the home page. ”
Guide performance e-Commerce
Nicolas LEVY
Management Director, Dreamextension
Whitepaper: 12 Best practices for successful AdWords Campaigns

Whitepaper: 12 Best practices for successful AdWords Campaigns

This expert white paper was written in collaboration with Google and is the only one that is completely dedicated to e-Commerce. Discover best practices to grow your sales with Google Ads Campaigns.
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"After only one year, we are on the first page of Google on more than 500 expressions!"
référencement site e-Commerce
Lydie Ulpat
Co-founder, Lyly La Comtesse
Guide: 2017 e-Merchant profile Infographic The results of the Oxatis e-Merchant profile 2017 survey,

Guide: 2017 e-Merchant profile Infographic

The results of the Oxatis e-Merchant profile 2017 survey, neatly summarised in our e-merchant profile Infographic
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"E-Merchants export, sell in BtoB, generate more offline sales through their site and develop a brand strategy"
Marc Schillachi
Marc Schillaci
CEO at Oxatis
Guide and Whitepaper

Guides & White Papers

Our white papers are aimed at e-merchants and/or project leaders.
Each guide will provide you with advice and best practices to develop the turnover of your e-Commerce website ( SEO / User Experience/ Conversion...).
e-Commerce infographic


Discover each year the results of the study on the e-Merchant Profile carried out in partnership with KPMG and Fevad.
This infographics allows you to know all the key figures of e-Commerce.
e-Commerce calendar


You want to take full advantage of high activity peaks? (Black Friday/ Boxing Day...)
Take advantage of the e-Merchant calendar: practical tips and special offers to help you make the most of every event of the year.