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Convert visitors into buyers and retain customers

Find out how to save time and reward repeat customers with our loyalty features.
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eCommerce Customer Loyalty
Keith Blake - eCommerce Customer Loyalty Testimonial
"We have started sending newsletters and so far they’ve been a great success. The ROI is fantastic, we have a 50% open rate on average, and send out exclusive deals and offers, new products, discount codes."
Keith Blake - CEO, CBS Power Tools & Ryobi Direct

Efficient email campaigns to increase sales

Energise your customer base with regular marketing emails and targeted offers, based on customer profiles and purchase history. Customise newsletter templates, manage follow-up emails from e-Commerce sales (Cart recovery program, account management notifications) and analyse performance with detailed statistics: open rates, clicks, conversions, and so on.
eCommerce Customer Loyalty - Emailing
eCommerce Customer Loyalty - SMS campaigns

Efficient SMS campaigns to build customer loyalty

Manage your SMS campaigns with simplicity, directly from the site's back office. SMS is the ideal way to address your customers, build loyalty and develop sales on mobile. Improve your customer relationship with automatic, personalised notifications.
"The results exceed our expectations, we record many orders on the mobile site during an SMS campaign."
Arnaud Gaston - Managing Director, Univers-ski

Private sales for your premium customers

Increase sales by offering a members-only sale to your premium customers. Dynamise your site by creating one-time events:
  • Propose limited-period offers
  • Give exclusive preview access to new collections
  • Clear stock from the previous season
eCommerce Customer Loyalty - Sales
eCommerce Customer Loyalty - Referral Scheme

A referral system to expand your customer base

Take advantage of a simple marketing tool and gain new customers at a lower cost by focusing on word of mouth. Offer discounts to the existing client and to the new client, and increase the size of your customer base.

A loyalty programme to increase purchasing frequency

Generate recurring revenue streams by gaining customer loyalty. Reward your most loyal customers with a points system and automatic discounts, encouraging them to return to your site to order more frequently.
"Vectis Karma is a trusted brand and most of our customers order more than once. We capitalise on this by using the loyalty programme the solution provides. It automatically awards loyalty points inducing our customers to return and build up points to receive discounts on future orders."
Karen Bowden - Managing Director, Vectis Karma
eCommerce Customer Loyalty - Scheme