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e-Commerce ERP

Experience a seamless flow of information between your e-Commerce site and your ERP

Automate business processes, save time, and reduce costs through automatic synchronisation of items, customers, inventory and orders between your e-Commerce site and your ERP.
eCommerce ERP
Partenaires ERP et e-Commerce
Roland Roger - eCommerce ERP Testimony
"We have all the keys to succeed online: a complete and easy-to-use e-Commerce solution connected to our ERP."
Roland ROGER - Managing Director, Anrold

Complete and automatic integration with your ERP

Item details, customer data, stocks and orders can be automatically synchronised between your e-Commerce site and your ERP, regardless of the size of your e-Commerce catalogue, the number of countries in which you sell, or the number of currencies used for purchasing. Automation of business processes can bring significant gains in productivity. The reliability of our connectors allows you to dedicate more time to growing your business.
Integrate your ERP to your e-Commerce
eCommerce ERP - Sales Management
eCommerce ERP - Connectors

Sage, Cegid

Enjoy the convenience of fully centralised management of your business. Your business management software becomes your sole source of data thanks to the Oxatis ERP connector (customers, articles, images, categories). Your e-Commerce site is updated in real time. The Oxatis connector for Sage (amongst others) will synchronise all your data between your software and your Oxatis website.
"We chose Actinic as our exclusive e-Commerce partner to provide our clients with an exceptional and high performing e-Commerce solution."
Lee Perkins - Managing Director, Sage UK & Ireland

Your entire ERP is integrated with your e-Commerce site

Import articles and users, export orders: Talend technology offers you concrete solutions. Whatever your ERP or your Information System, Oxatis has a solution that allows you to connect 100% of your data to your merchant site: update stock in real time, customer/prospect data, individual pricing conditions, descriptions for your products, and so on.
eCommerce ERP - Talend
eCommerce ERP - Web Services

Web Services to meet your specific requirements

We work with your logistician, CRM solution, or internally-developed ERP to offer web services data exchange between Oxatis e-Commerce websites and third-party applications (add/change articles, add/change customers, order flow, movement of stock). Define the frequency of updates to adapt to your sales objectives and ensure the quality of service provided to your online customers.